For decades, Leslie Science and Nature Center's resident birds of prey and Michigan Native wildlife have been an indispensable part of our educational programs. Teaching our community about the behaviors, habitats, and fascinating physical characteristics of these species fosters insight into the animals that share the earth with us. We know that curiosity today leads to more purposeful lives tomorrow and believe in the power of education to transform how people view and behave toward the world around them? Visitors who make informal trips to our site are often awed by the chance to see these magnificent birds up close and observe their keen eyes and fierce talons.

Each of our raptors have sustained permanent injuries in the wild, leaving them unable to survive without human aid. They are housed in outdoor enclosures year-round, where they have ample space to move about, many perches, and places where they can sleep and hide.

Wildlife support through an animal adoption or donation to our wildlife fund directly contributes to the day-to-day care of our animals including feeding, veterinary checkups, maintenance of the enclosures, staff support, and training of our wildlife volunteers.


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