Preschool Programs

Though we have all struggled to adapt to our ever-changing circumstances, children have borne the challenges of the pandemic with astonishing resilience, teaching us lessons about patience, courage, and caring for others.

For the entirety of our existence, both AAHOM and LSNC have been committed to providing age-appropriate learning opportunities for our youngest visitors. As we explore what these experiences might look like coming out of the pandemic, we will seek funding to help us create opportunities that prioritize: 

  • Nature-based activities at Leslie Science & Nature Center. Through story times and drop-off preschool age programming, children will experience environmental education in an age-appropriate format. We will provide immersive experiences which build upon one another allowing children to take in information about their environment using all their senses and promoting an understanding and appreciation of our natural world.?
  • A staffed Preschool Gallery at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum with activity stations. Gifts of support will help us hire a specialist in preschool education, who will train a team of volunteer educators to lead age-appropriate STEM activities, engaging preschoolers, and their families, in hands-on exploration of states of matter, basic physics, and even chemistry experiments, feeding their natural curiosity and encouraging exploration of the sciences.


  • Preschool Programs

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